Top Ten Having To Pay IT Jobs

The Data Technology Association of the usa (ITAA) defines It as being “the research, design, development, implementation, support or control over computer-based computer, particularly computer programs and computing devices.Inch IT deals by using electronic computers and software applications to transform, store, safeguard, process, transmit, and safely retrieve information.

So with regard to simplicity let us just say employed in This means dealing with computers.

More often than not the greatest having to pay IT job in almost any Clients are the CIO (Chief Information Officer). The CIO may be the mind of technology departments inside a company in most cases reports straight to the Chief executive officer. The typical salary for any CIO is roughly $150 000 in 2008 but all the top ten break the five figure mark. So let us state that the list below may be the Top Ten Having to pay IT jobs excluding the CIO.

So without this is actually the listing of the very best 10 having to pay IT jobs within the U.S for 2008:

Chief Technology Officer – 165 000

Chief Security Guard – 150 000

Database Manager – 125 000

Applications Architect – 120 000

Software Engineer – $104,500

Data Modeler – $103,000

It Auditor – $102,750

Business Analyst – $100,250

Network Architect – $100,000

Systems Integration Manager – $100,000

It’s a growing field having a high average salary. Because the field is definitely an umbrella term defining a variety of fields the salaries are estimates and certain companies pay much greater. A current survey of Google employees claimed that the computer programmer at Google makes between $175,000 and $225,000.

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